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24 November 2014

EpiGeneScapes. An exhibition exploring epigenetics. Paul Liam Harrison, Jo Milne and Mhairi Towler

EpiGeneScapes presents the work of three artists who are exploring, interpreting and developing visual metaphors regarding aspects of Epigenetics. The exhibition has been scheduled to coincide with the EpiGeneSys European Network of Excellence Annual Meeting taking place at the Center for Genomic Regulation (CRG) in Barcelona from November 27-29th, 2014.

Epigenetics is currently an expanding field of biomedical research relating to changes in gene expression, phenotype and heredity as a result of external or environmental factors. The term an adaptation of Aristotle’s theory of Epigenesis was initially coined by, the developmental biologist and philosopher, C.H. Waddington in 1942, to describe how genes might interact with their surroundings. Waddington developed a visual metaphor in the form of a ball sitting within the folds of a contoured landscape to illustrate the concept. The illustrations used by Waddington form the initial impetus for this exhibition as well as other more recent visual propositions explored by scientists working within the field of epigenetics to develop new epigenetic panoramas.

The works by the three artists respond to aspects of Epigenetics and reinterprets them in the media of film, print and paint.

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